A guide

As a guest, what do you look for in a local host rental? What are you most concerned with? Is it price, safety, or location? Or—and more likely so—is it a mix of all these factors? This section seeks to help you make the best decision in choosing a listing for your overseas adventure. Have a great trip!

Finding the perfect host rental

Finding the perfect

host rental

One of the main differences between assessing a hotel room and a local host rental is the host. As a guest, reviews are your source of confirmation of what the host himself claims—safety of premises, convenience of location, quality of facilities, and host feedback.

Deciphering reviews by other guests

Scams are a nasty bugbear that plague the short-term rental industry. Be on the lookout for suspicious hosting behavior!

Things to beware of

Of course, as a guest in a foreign country, you too should abide by certain ground rules. While rentals might feel very homely and cozy, do remember that you are staying in someone’s property! Here are some tips on how to make yourself feel at home, while not overstaying your welcome

Tips for guests

As a guest, there are many things that you can and should look out for—be it avoiding scams, keeping safe, or your own behavior in someone’s house. Here’s a summary list of important lessons that you should keep in mind:

Key lessons for guests