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Hosts are an essential stakeholder in the local host rental or vacation rental ecosystem—they are the service providers, guests’ first contact in a foreign country, and a crucial actor in ensuring guest safety, preserving neighborhood amenity, and working within local regulations. This section contains a comprehensive suite of tips and tricks that will enhance your hosting experience – and help you maximize rental profits along the way (legally, of course!)

Before you host: A legal checklist

Before you host:

A legal checklist

Hosting brings innumerable benefits to the guest, the host himself/herself as well as local communities.

Why host?

A good host understands the needs and desires of his/her guests. Here’s a list of top reasons why guests choose local host rentals or vacation rentals, and common questions asked by guests before booking. Tailoring your listing to suit these guest concerns will create a more wholesome experience for guests, and help your listing top the popularity charts.

How to be the host with the most

How to be the host with the most

Hosting is a trying and exacting experience—guests can be demanding, and laws can be complex and difficult to comply with. However, hosting is a"Job" with no equivalent—creating new experiences with foreign travelers, earning additional income, all while being your own boss. To aid you on this challenging but rewarding journey, we have summarized key lessons for your consideration. All the best and have fun!

Key lessons for hosts