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HostelturSpain | December 11, 2018
En casa alrededor del mundo' ofrece una visión del impacto económico del home-sharing
(“At Home Around the World” offers insight on the economic impact of home-sharing)
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TTR WeeklySingapore | December 11, 2018
Home-sharing by the book
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VRM Intel US | December 27, 2018
Agoda Outside Publishes Vacation Rental Handbook
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Investor DailyDecember 11, 2018
Industri Berbagi Rumah Berpengaruh terhadap Ekonomi Global
(The Home Sharing Industry Influences the Global Economy)
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Liputan 6December 11, 2018
Agoda Luncurkan Buku Tentang Dampak Positif Industri Berbagi Rumah
(Agoda Launches Book on Positive Impacts of the Home Sharing Industry)
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Media NetDecember 10, 2018
New Book Calls for Common Sense Regulations, Provides Sweeping View of Home-Sharing Economy's Positive Global Economic Impact
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E-global Travel Media December 10, 2018
New Book Calls for Common Sense Regulations, Provides Sweeping View of Home-Sharing Economy's Positive Global Economic Impact
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Asahi Shimbun2018年12月11日
(Book on prospects and impact of home sharing on the world economy and recommendations on regulation)
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(President of OTA Agoda publishes book on prospects and regulatory proposals for home and its impact on the global economy)
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Vietnam Today29/12/2018
Có nên cấm dịch vụ cho thuê nhà riêng tại địa phương?
(Should local rental services be banned?)
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VietBao10 Tháng mười hai/12- 2018
Góc nhìn về tác động của mô hình chia sẻ chỗ ở với nền kinh tế toàn cầu
(Perspectives on the impact of the shared accommodation model on the global economy)
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Manila TimesDecember 27, 2018
From rackets to revenues: How home-sharing impacts the economy
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BusinessWorldDecember 26, 2018
At Home Around the World provides insights on home-sharing
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Post TodayDecember 20, 2018
Agoda is ready for NHAs and hopes the government will open up the market
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The NationDecember 21, 2018
Thailand would benefit from home-sharing tourist economy: Agoda
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Acrofan기사입력 2018/12/10
아고다, 숙박 공유 경제의 긍정적 가치를 포괄적으로 분석한 책자 발간
( Agoda publishes a comprehensive analysis of the positive value of accommodation-sharing economy)
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Business Korea기사입력 2018/12/10
New Book Provides Sweeping View of Home-sharing Economy’s Positive Global Economic Impact
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Economic Daily News January 14, 2019
(Agoda discusses to the sharing economy that has a positive impact on local economies)
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