At Home
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Your definitive guide to the vacation rental industry

At Home
the World

Your definitive guide to the
vacation rental industry

Total global revenues from the local host industry will reach US$169 billion by the end of 2018, according to travel industry experts Skift. Local host rentals, also known as vacation rentals, or holiday homes have positively transformed the global travel industry, becoming a standard travel accommodation choice for many travelers. In fact, Skift has also estimated the total U.S. local host market to be valued at US$30 billion, and total supply of listings in Europe and North America to range between 2 to 3.5 million properties.

Whether you’re a traveler or guest who’s figuring out how to find the best place to stay, a host who needs information about how to run your local host rental business, a neighbor who is worried about strangers staying next door, or a regulator who needs to understand the industry and set up rules that work for all the stakeholders, At Home Around the World, and this Vacation Rental Handbook site, are your must-have resource to navigate this booming industry.

Local Host Rentals: The New Frontier

Local host rentals:

The New Frontier

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Robert Rosenstein

Co-founder and Chairman,
Agoda Company Pte. Ltd.

Peter L. Allen

Managing Director, Agoda Outside


What governments need to know

How to be a successful host

At home wherever you are: A Guide for guests

Living next door to a local host rental: What neighbors and communities need to know

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Your definitive guide to vacation rental industry

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